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Happy Licensed Professional Nurses

How much does it cost to become an LPN?

The cost of getting an LPN certification varies widely.

Depending on the state your located in and the educational facility you are attending.

The lowest we have seen reported in 2008 is around $4,000 the highest is around $25,000. Obviously it pays to shop around. The more affordable places tend to be state run institutions that recieve government subsidies. The more expensive places are private schools with fast track programs. In addition to the tuition you will end up spending money on equipement you will need. An example of some of the things you might purchase are uniforms, medical equipment, and study guides.

There doesn’t seem to be a relationship between the cost of a school and the NCLEX pass rate so it pays to look around. Make sure you check the state records for the the pass rate of the school you are interested in.

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