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Happy Licensed Professional Nurses

The fastest way to a nursing career

Becoming a nurse is a journey sometimes we need to get to our destination fast sometimes we can take our time. Training to be a licensed practical nurse or licenses vocational nurse is the fastest way to become a nurse. Registered nurses are required to go to school for years where as a LPN or LVN can be in the workforce in less than a year.

You need a job now not in a four year… choosing to become a licenced practical nurse is the fastest way to do that.

Do you have questions about what a LPN career is like? Be sure to read our guide LPN Career Guide.

The Licensed Practical Nurse Blog

Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology

The Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology (NWIHT) LPN program serves the Chicago area. At the time of this article there were approximately 40 members of faculty.  The program takes a total of 1100 hours (2 years) to complete.The school is authorized by the Division of Professional Regulation to teach licensed professional nursing courses. Admission […]

Angeles College of Nursing

The Angles College of Nursing is located in downtown Los Angles. The Licensed Vocational Nurse program is a full time five day a week program. The program takes 42 weeks to complete if you go full time or 60 weeks if you go part time. Students can take the NCLEX PN after complation of the […]

Capital Health Institute

Capital Health Institute lpn program is available in the DC area for adult students. The program is accredited by the board for nursing to teach practical nursing [ref].  The program has classes in the mornings and evenings Monday through Friday. Morning classes are from 8 am till 2 pm with clinicals starting at  7 am. […]

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